Towing a caravan or boat? The truth about 3500kg tow ratings.

Many dual-cab utes can now tow up to 3.5 tonnes but does that mean they should? One of the big selling points of the latest crop of family-friendly, dual-cab utes is their impressive three tonne-plus towing capabilities. With the arrival of the latest Toyota HiLux, there are no fewer than six one

Buying a vehicle privately? We can help.

Now more than ever more people are buying used cars through private sellers rather than through car dealers. During our time in lending, we have never seen so many private sale finance requirements. Online sites such as Gumtree and Carsales are becoming more popular for car buyers and sellers. UFSWA

My home loan – should I refinance?

Where to start? Our mortgage broker can help weigh up your options. Refinancing a mortgage can be daunting. Fees, fixed versus variable interest rates and monthly charges all need to be considered. The right refinanced loan could help you pay off your mortgage faster and for less, clear unhealthy debt