Refinance a Big4 unsecured personal loan with Wisr and receive a 2% lower interest rate

Terms and Conditions
‘Refinance a Big4 unsecured personal loan with Wisr and receive a 2% lower
interest rate’
1 May 2018
Wisr is offering to refinance Big 4 unsecured personal loans at an annual interest rate 2% lower than
the existing contracted annual interest rate. This offer is not based on comparison rates.
This offer is open to approved loan applications introduced by Wisr’s accredited brokers.
‘Refinance’ refers to Wisr repaying the outstanding balance on an applicant’s existing
unsecured personal loan with a Big 4 lender that has been in place for a minimum of six
months. Wisr requires applicants to provide a copy of their unsecured personal loan
statement for the most recent six months.
‘Big 4’ refers to Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Banking Corporation, National
Australia Bank Limited and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited.
This offer applies to the refinance of unsecured personal loans issued by the Big 4.
Additional funds are available at this promotional rate for any other worthwhile purpose
subject to Wisr’s standard lending terms and conditions.
Credit cards and secured loans issued by the Big 4 are not included in this offer unless
included as part of a debt consolidation along with a Big 4 unsecured personal loan.
Wisr’s standard eligibility criteria applies: For example, 18 years or over, minimum income
of $30,000 per annum, a permanent Australian resident, a good credit history for the last 5
years and no financial defaults.
All unsecured personal loan applications to Wisr relating to this offer must meet Wisr’s
current lending and credit criteria.
Nothing in this offer constitutes a commitment by Wisr to offer finance of any sort to any
applicant. Wisr reserves the sole right to approve or decline any or all loan applications.
This offer runs until 31 May 2018.

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