UFSWA is proud to be partnered with Used Cars R Us as their finance provider.

used-cars-r-us-logoAs a loan brokerage, we have a huge advantage over your typical bank lender in that we have multiple lenders (25) on our panel, which gives you access to LOTS of choices when it comes to getting car finance.

If you’ve already found the Used Cars R Us car you want to buy, give us a call now or get a loan quote online today. If you’re just looking at the moment, we can sort out a pre-approved loan.

Whichever it is, we’re here to help you with a great rate and peace of mind.

Before you apply please have the following details handy:

  • Your drivers licence number
  • Your financial details – income and outgoings (rent or mortgage payments, other loans and credit card etc.)

To get a loan quote, you can ring Roy Payne (your UFSWA broker) on 0419-909-594 OR you can complete the loan quote form below and Roy will call you when he is free.