Do you want to purchase an investment property but aren’t sure where to start?  Or do you already have investment properties and want to expand your portfolio?  Are your current investment home loans set up correctly?

Investing in property is seen by many Australians as a favourable retirement and wealth accumulation strategy.  Most people want to be able to pay off their home loan sooner and not need to rely on government assistance in later life.  Educated property investment is one path to achieving those goals.

UFS Home Loans InvestmentCapital gains through property value appreciation, income from rent and taxation benefits also attract investors to the property market.

Recent and ongoing changes to the investment lending space make investment lending a specialty field and one of the first calls you should make if you are in this market is to your Mortgage Broker.  You can contact us here.  We also highly recommend obtaining advice from your financial planner or accountant before deciding if property investment is right for you.

For many looking to enter the property investment market, utilising equity in their own home is the preferred path.  The deposit and fees is obtained via a new loan facility secured against their current property; the balance is then obtained by a new investment home loan.  The proposed rent from your new property can also be factored in to increase your borrowing capacity, as well as negative gearing benefits in many cases (if applicable).

A fundamental strategy with investment property loans is to ensure that they are correctly structured.  This involves a little more work on your Mortgage Broker’s behalf, however ensures minimal issues in the future – for example if you wish to sell one of your properties.   Correct loan structuring also ensures that tax benefits are legally compliant, avoiding headaches for you (and your accountant).

At UFSWA we are very experienced in investment home loans, ensuring that they are set up correctly from the beginning.   Many existing investors also ask us to review their current loan structures to recommend alternatives that fit with their current and future objectives.

Whether you are an existing property investor or looking to purchase your first investment property, contact us now for a chat about how we can assist.

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