Happy Excited Couple in Front of Their New Home Construction Framing Site.Being self-employed brings greater control and freedom in your life (and often money!)  but it is often perceived as making it more difficult to obtain a home loan.  Whilst the requirements of lenders are different for self-employed people, the process is exactly the same.

Most lenders require you to have been operating your business for at least 2 years.   If you were previously employed in the same field then some lenders will look at this favourably and may accept less than 2 years trading.

Financial statements, business tax returns and personal tax returns are all used to verify your income.  Depending on the structure of your business (e.g. self-employed, partnership, company) other documentation may be required.

The majority of lenders will permit some items from the Profit & Loss Statement to be ‘added-back’ which effectively increases the income available to service the loan.  This can include depreciation, interest expenses, one-off extraordinary expenses and voluntary superannuation contributions.

Your UFSWA Mortgage Broker will calculate any applicable ‘add-backs’ when assessing your financial position.

Some self-employed clients have difficulty in meeting the standard documentary requirements of lenders.  “Low doc” or “Alternative doc” alternatives exist with a number of lenders, which rely on other sources of income verification, including BAS statements, trading account statements, interim financials and letters from your accountant.  As these types of loans represent a higher risk to the lender (due to the alternative form of income verification) the maximum loan-to-value ratio (LVR – the loan amount as a percentage of the security value) usually permitted is 80%. Lenders Mortgage Insurance is usually payable for Low Doc loans over 60% LVR. Call our Mortgage Broker on (08) 6252 7600 today or click here to request an appointment.

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